Setup Step 2 – Your Sales Page

In this video we will go over how to setup your Business Growth Content Sales Pages. 

While setup of your re-seller's websites was made to be as easy as possible, there is still a little work to be done. If you have not done this kind of thing before it can seem complicated at first.

That said, you may need to watch these setup videos more than once so you may want to take notes as you go, and you may also want to watch the videos more than one time to make sure you get it.

I also highly recommend you stick to one of the 22 niche sites to start and complete all of the steps in each video before moving onto the next video.

Lets get started by setting up your Sales Page in the index.html file!

Email Markering Mastery Setup Video #2 - Your Sites Sales Page index.html

When you are done with your sales page setup please move onto step #3 Add-To-Cart


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