Setup Step 3 – Add To Cart

In this video we will go over how to setup your addtocart.html page that was included in the resale rights package for the 22 Niche Email Marketing Mastery.

This is where you would add your PayPal cart link, or any other shopping cart you may use.

Alternately you can also just edit the index.html page's add to cart button as that button simply points to addtocart.html and this page acts as a redirect into your cart.

We set it up this way to make it easier for you to find where to edit the cart code with less chance of creating errors on your main sales page, as this page is very simple with very little code. That means less room for error.

Email Marketing Mastery Setup Video #3 - Your setting up your addtocart.html

When you are done creating your order button and adding your order link please move on to  setup video #4 your help desk


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