Setup Step 4 – Helpdesk

In this video we will cover your helpdesk.html page. Because there are links all over your site for your customers to be able to contact you we pointed them all at this helpdesk.html file.

We did this to keep you from having to manually edit dozens of links all over your site to point to you means of supporting your customers.

If you have a help desk just put a link to it in the helpdesk.html file here and anytime someone clicks one of the many support links through out your site they will first be taken to this helpdesk.html page and then re-directed to your support desk.

If you do not have a help desk that's OK. Just setup a simple webpage somewhere on your main domain with your contacts information such as your Name, phone, and or email address of how your customers can contact you.

Then add a link to that page in this helpdesk.html page.

As Sam Ax would say, "Easy Peasy"

Email Marketing Mastery Setup Video #3 - Your helpdesk.html page

When you are done with your helpdesk redirect page setup please move onto Setup Video #5 - Your Squeeze Page


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