Setup Step 8 – Members Area The Easy Way

In this step we will set up your Business Growth Content resellers site members area in a hidden directory that only you and your buyers will know about. While this is not a secure method of setting up your download area is free, and it is also highly unlikely anyone other than people who purchase from you will ever find it.

There are more ideal ways to set up your members area but this is one option for people that do not wish to spend extra money on a membership software like Amember which is the one I use.

This is a nonsecure way to set up your members area so you may wish to view the next video after this one before deciding which of the three options for setting up your members area works best for you.

Email Markering Mastery Setup Video #8 - setting up your membership access area the easy way. This is not secure but it will work.

When you are done please move onto step #9 where we will talk about securing your members area with an alternate setup option.


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