Setup Step 9 – Members Area The Hard Way

In this video we will set up your Business Growth Content members area with secure password-protected access. This option is free but it is a little more complicated than a hidden directory.

This option can also vary depending on the type of server that you use of our instructions do not work exactly you can usually find a solution via Google to setting up .htaccess for your particular server.

In the end of the video we will mention a pro way to set up your members area however this costs money so that may not be option for some people in which case one of these free options will absolutely work for you.

I personally use Amember as both a shopping cart and a member protection script.

Email Markering Mastery Setup Video #9 - protecting your members area with .htaccess - optionally you may choose to use something like Amember which is a professional paid service.

 At this point your website should be fully set up and installed if you did the steps as you watched the videos. Keep in mind that there are 22 reseller websites in the Business Growth Content package.

I highly recommended you focus on setting up two or three of the niche resell websites and get marketing them before attempting to set up all the sites at once. Even if you can set them all up you won't do yourself any favors if you are not spending any time marketing and driving traffic to them.

It's all about FOCUS and the willingness to put in a little bit of elbow grease to create success in your new Internet business I would like to say

"You Can Make Money or You Can Make Excuses, but You Can't Make Both"

Good luck I can't wait to hear about your results, please post a Facebook comment on our homepage and let me know what you think of the first months Business Growth Content niche resell rights package.


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