Business Growth Content Setup Videos

Welcome to the website setup training tutorials for Business Growth Content's first months product Email Marketing Mastery.

For the best results I recommend staying focused on two or three of the niches in this resale package for at least a little while. Trying to do too much at once not only can burn you out but can also lead to doing everything with less than stellar results.

Setting up your sites is only the beginning, you need to actually market the sites and drive traffic to them in order for them to make sales for you. The marketing is where you will want to spend most of your time.

If you do this right you can absolutely turn this into a real business. The way I like to look at these sites are as lead generators that people will pay for.

Use your opt in video squeeze pages to generate leads, and then sell an inexpensive membership to your prospects on how to grow their small business with email.

Once you get small local businesses in your funnel you can start up selling them additional products or complete marketing agency services where you do all of their online marketing for them. Once your customers realize the power and value of marketing their small local business online they will be willing to invest in growing their business with you..

The links below go to the different various steps in setting up your Business Growth Content reseller websites, let's get started.

Setup Step 1 - Domain And Hosting

Setup Step 2 - Your Sales Page

Setup Step 3 - Add To Cart

Setup Step 4 - Helpdesk

Setup Step 5 - Facebook

Setup Step 6 - Squeeze Page

Setup Step 7 - Uploading

Setup Step 8 - Members Area The Easy Way

Setup Step 9 - Members Area The Hard Way

Alternate Membership Setup Options

Smart Member 


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