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In this video we will talk about how to set up your Business Growth Content members area using Smart Member. This option requires you to own a Smart Member membership sites license.

While you certainly can use Smart Member to manage your Business Growth Content members areas and manage your customers and orders, we will not be building your actual members area in Smart Member.

Think about it, your members areas are already built for you so why in the heck would you want to build them again.

While for total new members sites Smart Member can build sites nicely, using it for BCG would not make sense since your full members areas are already done. Instead we are going to use Smart Member to "Manage" your members area for you.

This means we will use it to process your orders, manage your customers, and manage your customer logins, but we will "not" be rebuilding the full members area for all 22 BCG site since they are already built.

If you were going to rebuild members areas that were already build you may as well re-shoot all of the videos from scratch too right?  OK I hope you caught my sarcasm there.

My point is let's not fix something that's not broken, lets leave the members areas as they are and use Smart Member to manage your customers and order.

I personally think Smart Member is a great program and it will work great with Business Growth Content every month when you use it correctly with our content.

Watch the video below for details.

Email Markering Mastery Setup Video "Smart Member" - protecting your members area with Smart Member is easy when once you get it out of your head that you need to rebuild the full members areas for all 22 BGC sites.

 At some point in the future we will be making additional setup videos detailing how you can use other popular membership management scripts to manage your Business Growth Content sales.

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